Quality is more than

just skin deep. It takes dedication and a passion for fine craftsmanship, and that comes from our industry leading manufacturing partner. They take pride in their work and know how to craft the perfect kitchen.

Attention to detail

borders on the obsessive, so naturally they only use the finest components. Take the hinges for example, they use the best ‘in-line’ hinge plates. This makes fine-tuning the door height easy. All our kitchens are hand finished too.

Luxury Kitchen Designer London
Luxury Kitchens London

Hand Finished

Our solid timber doors are sanded by hand, as no machine can ever replicate the finish that we require.

Trouble free service

This attention to detail doesn’t just end when a kitchen is manufactured. Our kitchens are delivered to your home by our experienced staff.

It’s that uncompromising quality and willingness to create something truly amazing that makes our kitchens so special.

We have been taking pride in every detail of our kitchens for OVER 25 YEARS

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